Antoine Bret

Catedrático de Universidad (Full Professor)
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha
ETSI Industriales
Avda Camilo Jose Cela, s/n
13 071 Ciudad Real, SPAIN
Tel. (34) 926 052 002
antoineclaude.bret AT

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UCLM Course on Alternative Energies (Spanish)
UCLM Course on Maquinas Hidraulicas (Spanish)

Harvard-Smithsonian CfA 2012 Plasma Talks

Climate, Energy, Fusion: A Broad Perspective (PowerPoint)

Energia y clima: una perspectiva global (YouTube video, in Spanish)

On Climate Science: Answers to 5 FAQs (PowerPoint)
Energy and GHG Emissions Simulator

Inputs: Energy needs by sectors and strategy to meet them (Thermal plants, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar, Wind, Biomass, H2 Fuel-cells...)
Outputs: Resources needed by the scenario (# of plants, km of windmills, km2 of Solar Cells...) and GHG Emissions
Short Version for various countries
More detailed version for Spain
Comparison GHG Emissions Calculated vs. Real Emissions